Cultural Awareness 101 Course

Does your workplace need cultural learning for your workforce?  Then this is perfect for you. The first course in the UNDERSTANDING & ACTION package, it will enlighten and dispel the many myths surrounding Aboriginal Australia.  

Learning for ALL Australian Workplaces

Who is the learning for?

Our Aboriginal Insights CA 101 is for all Australian workplaces that are seeking cultural learning for their workforce and/or members. The learning has been developed to specifically target any workplace or organisation that has any commitment or responsibility relating to any Aboriginal person, family, or Community. Such a commitment or responsibility requires a level on consultation, engagement, and relationship building. The lessons covered in our learning are the minimal learning required to appreciate the culturally different approach required when working with or supporting Aboriginal people, families, or Communities to achieve positive outcomes.

This is a stand alone course as an introduction to the Understanding & Action package.

If your workplace or sector has an Aboriginal specific plan, policy, or initiative, then this learning is for your team or membership.

If your workplace or sector is,

  • involved in any capacity with “Closing the Gaps”,
  • involved in and/or committed to Reconciliation,
  • just starting out on your cultural learning journey or has been on a journey of cultural learning for the past 10 years,

Then, this learning is for your team or membership.

Who will benefit?

The beneficiaries of our CA 101 learning are threefold, 1. The attendee and the attendees’ workplace and sector, 2. The families of the attendees, and 3. The wider Community.

“Aboriginal Insights is committed to providing education and understanding that will empower stronger relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people, organisations, workplaces, families, and Communities.”

Ready to take the next step? Check out Developing your own Engagement Strategy, the second part of the Understanding & Action package.

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A$ 199.00

Course Includes

  • 8 Lessons
  • Course Certificate
(Yesterday) I started Cultural Awareness 101 for all workplaces - an online course delivered by Aboriginal Insights. I’m half way through and have learned so much already from the course.
I highly recommend it to all Australians and Australian Workplaces who are truly committed to reconciliation and closing the gap in this country.
I also see this as central to creating safe, inclusive and mentally healthy workplaces and communities. Thank you Jolleen Hicks for sharing your wisdom, expertise and insights and making this essential training so accessible.

I’m very much looking forward to learning more on this journey.
Dr Sadhbh (Sive) Joyce (She/Her)
Senior Psychologist & Co-Founder of Adjunct Lecturer at The Black Dog Institute/UNSW
What a beautiful, sensitive, heartfelt Cultural Awareness 101 learning opportunity, and thank you so much for being able to access this course at a discounted rate.

I could not just stop at one module even though it was late over here on the East Coast when I accessed the information and I just continued to listen and to make notes.

You reaffirmed much that I have been told before by many of my Aboriginal Friends including Elders, provided some new insights into some things that I had only a general awareness of, and reinforced my commitment to be a messenger and an advocate to share this information with others who may also be seeking a deeper understanding of righting the wrongs and the importance of knowing the truth about where you come from and to walk and to work together to heal each other and the land.

This is such a great resource for people and workplaces no matter where they are on their information gathering and understanding of our Australian Aboriginal’s People and our shared history.
Chris Knight
Director, Inspirational Connections Soroptimist International Global Ambassador